Social Media Shoes

Unique shoe collection inspired in social media networks.

In late 2011 there was a lot of hype around social media and I wanted to take advantage of that trend to drive some traffic to my site, the idea was to create something that people would feel very identified with and wanted to share, I brainstormed some ideas with a friend and finally settled in this shoe collection.

It was a very successful project that brought more than 50k visits to my portfolio and was featured on quite a few sites all over the world.

Featured on: Gawker, LaughingSquid, Bored Panda, Brit + Co and Design You Trust.

This is what I originally wrote to describe the collection:
I’m a big fan of inspiration blogs, I also spend a lot of time in social networks and I love fashion: those three things are responsible for this shoes collection. The idea was to find the most important graphic elements of my favorite social networks and apply them to my favorite pair of shoes trying to keep alive the essence of each brand.